Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rattlesnake Refresher

Kaiser remembers and wants nothing to do with this baby rattler.
Rattlesnake avoidance training is, in my opinion, essential for any serious gundog or any dog that spends time off leash) here in Southern California.  The late Patrick Callaghan, the pioneer of this type of training, once told me that on average a dog need a yearly refresher for the four years in a row before the training really took hold.  Patrick performed Kaiser's first two avoidance trainings, and Erick Briggs of Natural Solutions performed his other refreshers once we lost Patrick.
Erick's associate puts a Mojave Green in place.
Kaiser wants no part of it.
Today I had Erick come out to a local park, that I felt simulated the likely terrain I usually hunt, to give Kaiser's fourth refresher.  I did not have Kaiser trained last year for whatever reason and with all this warm weather I felt it was a good ideal to do another refresher.  Kaiser, once he scented the reptile, he remembered instantly that was not a good smell.  It seemed that the last few trainings have took and I was glad to see that.  Even though Kaiser seems to properly rattlesnake broke, I will likely do another refresher next year as well as I like its cheap insurance.  Erick had several types of California rattlers with him and let Kaiser scent each of them to let him know that they are to be avoided.   Not only are dogs trained on scent but on sound and sight as well.  Looks like we are ready to head out.


  1. Wow, having no snakes in NZ this is a completely unthought of facet of hunting for me. The nearest we have is kiwi aversion training, to stop the dog catching native birds.

    1. Snakes are no joke. I have known more than my fair share of dogs that are no longer with us due to rattlers. In my neck of the woods, they are my greatest worry when running the dog. At least I don't have to worry about my dog falling down a huge sinkhole like you guys down there.