Monday, January 29, 2018

Still No Fish For 2018

Just after New Years, I fished with Luc on his home waters and after about 40 minutes we were kicked off the lake.  Luc had forgotten to register his boat and thought that he had a grace period to do so.  Given the option to take a citation or leave we chose the later.  The start of 2018 did not go so well.  Sunday we decided to day trip it to a sierra river to see if I could get my first fish of the year.
 It didn't happen.  There was only one fish caught among the two of us and it wasn't mine.  We fished a stretch of water we never fished and most if not all the water was water we preferred not to fish.  It was either too fast, too slow or too deep. 
The highlight of the day was finding a fantastic Mexican restaurant with superb carnitas both in torta and taco form.  So it wasn't all bad.

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