Thursday, August 19, 2010

If only I had $20K to blow...

As the bird season is right around the corner, my focus has begun to shift away from fly fishing towards wingshooting and fine guns. While searching through websites of several fine gun stores I found this gem, a Luffwaffe Drilling from JP Sauer. What a beauty! I have always wanted one of these. This one looks brand new. These guns were issued to airmen flying over North Africa as survival guns. This one appears not to have the original box with ammo and instructions but nonetheless this quite a gun.

J.P. Sauer Drilling 12GA/9.3x74R caliber. Rare WWII Luftwaffe drilling in beautiful condition with a few light handling marks. The bores are mint. The screws are still all indexed. A great piece in original unaltered condition. These guns were issued to North Africa bomber crews to be used as survival guns if the plane went down. This one is in pristine condition. $19,950.00

This is what the original box looked like:

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